Your true colors are beatiful. Like a rainbow.

Inspired by a very inspiring song, true colors.

Every human in the world has his own colors. Even if we were born as an identical twin, we would just be different with our twin. That’s what we called with personality. These personalities some how lead us to show everyone the bright side of us instead deep in our heart we still and do have weaknesses. Things that we don’t want any other people to know, that we keep inside our heart and our mind, that we barely show to others, the weaknesses. Some times we just let it to be known, let other people notice without we even notice about it ourselves. These weaknesses, the dark side of us, the ones that make us so small and let us to be discourage. I won’t say it is not. It is true that some times I feel like lack in everything and these weaknesses only lead me to feel worse.

But, it doesn’t matter. No matter what other people think, we just we. A bunch of bones, contain so much blood inside and covered with human flesh. A colorful package of good and bad things. We are human, but our package, it is just different. They just beautiful the way they here, together inside me, build my very own personalities, my very own colors, my very own beautiful rainbow. And you, people, like it or not, you should accept me the way I am. The way these dark and bright side of me living together inside me. In the other side, I will do the same to you. Because that’s what we called with accepting the diversity.

So people, just show our true colors. Keep our own colors, make them better without even try to hide or to throw them away. Me too, wanna make a better me without throw these things away from me, because they are just part of me, inside my package and will always be there. I will continue to do my mission in the world, to make others laugh and smile because of me, make a brighter world by showing the brightest side of me. And I won’t try to change everything from me.


Jadi maksudnya apa sih ini, pake sok inggris segala macem ? Entahlah.


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