An anti-fan of doctors

This is a story from a not little girl anymore  named Lala . Of course it is about me, who else should be the main character here, in my very own blog. Well, I just can’t sleep, can’t do everything except write down this story on my bed using my phone. 

These days, I’m not in good condition. No. I’m not gonna die that fast. Don’t think about that. I’m just saying that I get little dizzy and have a cold. Not that bad, yeah, just some frogs invade my throat, make me sounds just like them and can’t smell anything. Anything means everything. Perfume, room fragnant, not even my own poop (euh, sorry, my bad).

I wanna tell you that some times I just hate doctors. Out of the fact that I have failed to become a doctor. (Sure we are not gonna talk about that one). An anti-fan, maybe. I did not say I hate doctors, those doctors, no, my doctors in Surabaya, dr.Ira and dr.Nunuk, both of them just as nice as my mom. They are the only doctor in Surabaya that make me comfortable. The way they ask me, show care, explain things, it just amazing. What I’m trying to say is I just hate all stuffs related with doctors, let just say the most one, medicines. That is the reason why I have not seen doctor until today. Yes, haven’t seen doctors, haven’t eat any medicines yet. It’s been 3 days. How lazy I am.

Medicines, those little round or bar shaped thingy that we put into our mouth, my big rival. Afraid? No I don’t afraid to that anymore. If you asked me like 4 years ago, maybe yes, I would be afraid of them. But as time flies, I realize that I’m more dislike them than afraid. The way they smell, their tasteless-bitter flavour. And the magic they have. Usually, after seeing doctor, eat my first medicine and then sleep. Magic! I feel better. Not saying totally fine but just better. But it is like a magic, isn’t it? Oh what’s now? Am I being jealous to medicines?

Dunno. Let’s hope these frogs stop invading my throat.



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