And Everything Ends.

I never thought that 2017 is closed with this kind of situation.

Personally, I don’t really like enjoying new year party. Yap, I do love fireworks, but not with the party. Now, with this kind of situation, a hard one, I think I totally need a party.

A party to laugh, to meet people, to take this sadness, to escape reality and to forget. Forgetting isn’t as easy as eating snacks containing much micin, don’t laugh, this is true. I’ve been trying, but I don’t know, it seems never works on me. Now I know that everything ends, all hopes, all prays, all of my expectations. All good memories will permanently erased soon, in addition.

There is no us between me and you. There was no us back then. And maybe there will be no us later (can’t say exactly, because everything is decided by Allah). But, deep from my heart, I just wanna say thanks for everything happened between me and you. Thanks for those beautiful memories. Thanks for make everything seems easy when I had you once, thanks for making my days good days, full of smiles, thanks for making my footsteps as light as I don’t have nothing to worry about in my life, thanks for being  a very good friend and thanks for ended this well.

Thanks. And everything ends. Good bye.